Frequently Asked Questions
What happened to my order?
The websites listed in the complaint are not affiliated with the genuine Nobis brand. Nobis Inc. and its counsel cannot provide any additional information regarding any orders placed with any of the websites.
How do I obtain a refund?
To obtain a refund from your credit card company, you should call the phone number on the back of your credit card or on your monthly statement. If you used another method of payment, you will need to contact them.
Report Counterfeiters
If you would like to provide additional information to assist with our anti-counterfeiting efforts, you may contact reportfakes@gbcinternetenforcement.net.
Do I need to return the counterfeit product I purchased?
You have no obligation to return any counterfeit product received nor pay any corresponding shipping costs.
Where do I purchase authentic Nobis products?
To purchase authentic products,